It is true that natural light is better compared to artificial light. It increases your body’s serotonin levels, bathes your room in a rich full spectrum that light bulbs can only duplicate and best of all, it costs exactly zero dollars.

Unfortunately, many homes do not incorporate the beauty of natural light in their homes. There are some remodel projects that you can do that can significantly increase the interior natural light. To help you, here are some ways to increase natural light in your home. 

    Paint Your Eaves White 

The overhangs created by your roof are called eaves; this section is responsible for reflecting natural light into your home. To boost natural light in every room of your home, you can paint your eaves white.  

You can still paint your eaves white only even if the exterior of your house is a different color. The curbside appearance will not be altered because of eaves angle toward the house. You can only see them from within the house. 

    Use lighter and Brighter Paints 

To reflect natural light back into your room, interior wall color is the number one way. Even if you hate white wall colors, nothing is brighter than white. It is crucial that you paint your ceiling. You must introduce so many deficits when you do so, though, it is fun and goofy to paint your ceiling purple, green, or black. 

Since the light bounce is degraded, the illusion of depth is obliterated. Your internal style time bomb starts to quickly tick until the moment you just cannot wait to paint the ceiling again when goofiness prevails in your room. 

    Turn Your Walls to Mirrors Using High Gloss Paint 

You can give a mirror-like effect by using glossier paint for your walls. You may want to consider glossy paint for your walls if you have a remarkably dark room even though it is not typically used on walls. 

    Replace Wall Space with Glass Blocks 

Replacing sections of your exterior wall with glass block brings in a fair amount of natural light would enter your room is not the easiest fix but an effective one. It is crucial that headers must be installed over the block sections since glass block is not a structural replacement for wall study system. 

    Install Replacement Windows  

If your windows do not let in enough light after pulling out all stops mentioned in this article, you are fighting a losing battle. Since the insides of the double panes are finished in a metallic low e coating, windows block light. You can purchase low e coating with a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), however, they are not easy to find.  

    Install Skylights in your Ceiling 

To pull natural light into your home, skylights are an amazingly effective way. Skylights are often termed as “windows for the roof”. They do it by facing upward where the sun is located. If you are planning to install skylights on your roof, you can contact Richmond Hill Roofing for professional assistance.